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What Happened In Paoli, IN Tonight? Was It A Tornado?

The NWS will be out in the next couple of days to detemine if indeed a tornado touched down in Paoli, Indiana. I can tell you from surveying storms for a number of years, that you need to have a  team on the ground to say for sure whether the damage was from a tornado or straight line winds. What I want to do is use StormView 3D to look at this storm and see if there is any radar indication of a tornado.


StormView 3D Case Study Of Paoli Storm


As the storm approached Paoli, I noticed an area of rotation that was approaching the city of Paoli, IN. We actually got ready in the studio to cut into programming for a tornado warning because the signature looked like a tornado to me.


StormViewHD Severe


StormView 3D can analyze rotation within a storm to determine if it thinks a tornado can form. Notice the brighter colors (indicating a better chance of a tornado) as the storm approached Paoli, IN.


StormViewHD Severe 2


Finally, and maybe the most compelling image is the StormView 3D image of what appears to be a "tornado tube" as the storm approached Paoli, IN.


StormViewHD Severe 3



My Opinion


No one can say definitively if this damage was straight line wind damage or tornado damage. The NWS will be out surveying the damage in the next couple of days. What I can say is the radar depiction appears to indicate that a tornado touched down near and around Paoli, IN. We will find out more as the surveys are conducted and I will pass it along to you as soon as possible.



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Thanks for posting these in-depth pics of the storm that hit Paoli. I wish the we had access to all that cool weather tech during storms! :)

Jason, are you on my facebook page? I warned people of this storm even though there wasn't a warning.


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