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Today's Blog: **Close Call On Severe Weather**

From Jude Redfield...

    We have a situation to watch carefully tonight.  While we DO NOT have a good chance for severe weather...we DO HAVE a case that needs to be monitored with eagle eyes to see how things unfold after midnight.  The last few days we have been on the line while looking at our severe weather risk. We are still on the fence.  When adding up all of the instability parameters we are not in a very favorable position for severe. **HOWEVER** when looking at the wind field it is obvious that we are seeing a low level jetstream that goes bonkers. Just because you have t-storms doesn't mean you always bring those winds to the surface, especially when you aren't fully unstable and juiced up. However it does happen from time to time when these winds are pulled down and cause damage.  Look at the maps below and you will see exactly what Im talking about. The bottom line...DON'T BE SHOCKED IF A WARNING IS ISSUED IN THE 2AM - 7AM WINDOW near Kentuckiana tonight. We will keep you updated on this tricky situation. - Jude -  

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