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Snow Falling In the Area Now!

We have a very unique setup tonight. Our temperatures are well above freezing, but we are getting reports of snow falling. How can this occur?




The one thing you should notice about that current reading above is the humidity is low and the dewpoint is VERY low. That means any precipitation that falls will cool the atmosphere fast. Looking around the area, we can see there is precipitation falling over the northwest part of the area.




You would expect that precipitation to fall into the bone dry atmosphere and evaporate then cool the atmosphere very fast. When rain or snow evaporates, it literally pulls heat out of the atmosphere and notice Paoli is dropping like a rock to 39 degrees now.


Temps -  DMA


We are getting reports of snow now falling near French Lick, IN and Paoli, IN.




We also have a mix of rain and snow east of Bedford, IN to Medora, IN.




This will all push southeast this evening, so expect some rain showers to start in Louisville, then a major cool down as that precipitation evaporates on the way to the ground. That cool will allow a transition over to snow showers to end the evening. West of I-65 appears to have the best chance of getting precipitation, but we are looking at about a 50% chance for the metro.


As far as accumulations... It looks to warm to accumulate on any roads, but a grassy "whitening" cannot be ruled out in a few locations.





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Whats a dewpoing?

Kim, typo fixed! Thank you. :)

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