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Southern KY Tornado Appears It Was On The Ground For A While... NEW VIDEO

There is new video coming in from the Logan county, KY tornado today and it is really amazing to see! Notice the very distinct wall cloud on the storm with a solid sized cone tornado under it. This video clearly shows the tornado was on the ground for a while.




If you missed my blog earlier, here is another video of this cone tornado taken by Michael Cook...



Notice this tornado occurred from a classic supercell... meaning you can see a well defined wall cloud and the tornado came out of the middle of that wall cloud. That "bowl shaped" cloud is called a wall cloud and it will normally be rotating fast if it is a going to produce a tornado. The arrow are pointing to the wall cloud itself on this picture courtesy of Shawn Gregory.


AdvanceTrak 1


Judging from the damage I have seen, this was probably a strong tornado meaning something like an EF-2 or stronger tornado.


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