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Can The Persimmon Seed Really Predict Winter? What Is It Saying About This Winter!

I touched on the winter forecasting of the Woolly Worms about 3 weeks ago and tonight I want to talk about the Persimmon seed. The Persimmon seeds have been used to forecast how cold and snowy the upcoming winter will be for a long time! Along with the Woolly Worm, the Persimmon Seed is probably at the top of the winter weather forecasting folklore. In fact, the Farmer's Almanac even makes a statement about the forecasting power of the Persimmon seed...


"According to old-timers, persimmon seeds can be used to predict the severity of winter weather. When cut into two pieces, the persimmon seed will display on of three symbols. A knife shape will indicate a cold icy winter (where wind will cut through you like a knife). A fork shape indicates a mild winter. A spoon shape stands for a shovel to dig out the snow."


Persimmon Seeds From This Year...


This picture was sent to me by Tammy Marriot of Persimmon seeds from our region. What you will notice when you look is that one of the seeds have a knife shape while two have a spoon shape.


Facebook 2 pic

Janis Warriner Easterday opened 3 Persimmon seeds in Paoli, IN and found 3 spoons indicating a very snowy winter for Kentuckiana according to the folklore.


Laura Broy Spencer sent me this picture from Jeffersonville, IN today. Notice there are two knives and two spoons in her photo indicating a cold and snow winter.


Facebook pic 2


So what does that say about our winter? The spoon shape indicates a snowy winter while the knife shapes indicate a cold winter, so these Persimmon seeds are indicating a cold, snowy winter for our region. If you take the Paoli Persimmon seeds as a representation for our area, then it means we are going to see a snowy winter in Kentuckiana. I have also had a number of messages from western KY of spoons in the Persimmon seeds there which would indicate a snowy winter. 


My Thoughts On These Weather Folklore...


As with all folklore, I think people will have different opinions. The real problem is that different areas seem to be showing different shapes in Persimmon seeds. For what it is worth, the the wider brown banded Wooly Worms we are seeing predicts a mild winter which is in opposition to the Persimmon seed. I think this is one of those situations where you can probably bend the folklore to meet the actual winter conditions, so I have to say I am not a big believer. Regardless, some love weather folklore so I thought it was worth a discussion tonight.





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I live in paoli and everyone I have seen this season has been a spoon

Theresa, any pics I can post?

I don't believe in it, but I have actually only seen black Wooly Worms

All the wooly worms here in the eastern side of Louisville have been black with little if any brown seen on them at all.

Han, this is the entire problem with all the folklore. I am in Louisville and all I see is black with a thick brown stripe.

There has been a sighting of an all white wolly worm in Louisville ky. It means BLIZZARDS. I hope it doesn't come true.

Tammy, actually that was added by someone to the original folklore. The folklore didn't address white at all. I have a good blog on it if you have a minute to search .

the ones we see here in Meade county, (or at least my house) is brown with black stripe..more brown.

Mona, this is the problem with the woolly worm. There are so many different kinds around the area, so you can basically make it match any forecast you want.

I have found two wooly worms on my property thus far this year and both have been solid black. If it means anything, both have also been dead.

Dr. Mike, the woolly worm seems to be all colors this year. I have pics of white, black, and personally seen a ton of black with thick brown stripes. Maybe they are forecasting everything? LOL!

I just don't think God puts in business in worms or seeds.

When can u check the seeds. Is it after the first frost ? Thanks

Laquita, some say to wait later in the season, but others say the time is not relevant. I guess it depends who you ask on this one.

What about the mountains of southern California? Do persimmons grow here? We could use all the positive shovel-shaped folklore we can get!

This is like looking at those potato chips that look like jesus or images in the cloud. They dont predict anything.

We checked our first RIPE persisson seed and it is a shovel here in western ky. As it is, many of our older fokes swear by this test

We checked our ripe persimmons here in Bloomington Indiana today and we too have found a dreadful Spoon!😣I sure hope its just a tall tale because I do not like snow!

I think there's been some mistaken identity of some of the seeds. Some are mistaking forks and spoons. I have always used this sign, and it does work. I'm from Arkansas and our winter is crazy. This year is spoons and forks. I do have a question. Has anyone ever heard of a white persimmon seed? What does it mean?

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