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A Round Of Rain Is On The Way...

Even though the clouds hang tough, our temps will climb into the low 50's today. That is about 10 degrees warmer than our average high of 43! Unfortunately, those numbers will head back to normal tomorrow. Before that happens a round of rain needs to move through. A few spotty showers are possible later this afternoon but the heavy and steady rain holds off until tonight. With temps well above the freezing mark, everything that falls will be liquid and NOT frozen. After a few leftover showers during the morning, the rest of Saturday looks breezy and dry. A good soaking is expected as most locations pick up between .5" and an 1". Temperatures will fall behind a cold front from the 50's and into the 40's...  







-Rick DeLuca





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Sigh. Another round of rain during winter. Better than freezing rain and ice, but would be nice to be around 28 degrees and have snow.

I'm with Lucy. If it's gonna be winter anyway, bring on the snow!

Lighting in Hardinsburg Indiana

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