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Yesterday's Large Solar Flare Will Hit Earth January 9th. What Impacts We Could See On Earth & If You Should Be Concerned...

We have a sunspot right now that is being described as one of the largest in the last decade! It amazingly 3 times larger than the earth! Sunspot AR1944 yesterday produced an X1 class flare directed toward earth.


Facebook pic 2


NASA actually hase a VERY cool video of the flare occurring!!!



The X-class flare is actually the highest category of flares and is expected to produce an S2 radiation storm on earth. The question is what does that really mean and should you be concerned?


NOAA Definitition of S2 Class Solar Storm...


NASA defines an S2 solar storm as a "moderate" solar storm. The hazards they list are as follows...


  • Biological: passengers and crew in high-flying aircraft at high latitudes may be exposed to elevated radiation risk.
  • Satellite operations: infrequent single-event upsets possible.
  • Other systems: small effects on HF propagation through the polar regions and navigation at polar cap locations possibly affected.


 What you notice is an S2 class solar storm is only a concern to passengers in high flying aircraft and only at high altitudes, so this is not a concern to us.


It will be interesting to see how far south the Aurora (Northern Lights) extend southward from the poles on Thursday, but either way we would be cloudy so you wouldn't get to see them even if a rare situation happened.




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Read a book about an electronic magnetic force that zapped thearth and planes cars anything electronic no longer worked can u image the effect that would have on us? That would put a sropnto everyrhing

My husband is flying into kentucky from Florida Friday morning, so he will be at risk?
This won't interfere with the plane schedule or safety of flying?

Amber, unless he is flying near the poles at high altitudes, then he is fine.

Thank you Marc!!

So my satellite tv my flip out?

Daphni, not necessarily. NOAA doesn't specifically say that is associated with an S2 event.

Should I wrap my house in aluminium foil ? And would that save the Earth also ? LOL !

So what is the weather suppose to be like?

Misty, the weather will not be impacted by the flare.

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