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Weather Blog: Storm Chances Go Up

From Jude Redfield...

    Our midday heat indices are near 100 already. The atmosphere is holding a lot of moisture, but doesn't have a good trigger today to jumpstart widespread rain and storms(that comes later in the forecast) A few pop ups will occur producing locally heavy rain and vivid lightning today and this evening. Our storm chances inch up each day. By the weekend we should be in a 50/50 range both Saturday and Sunday. Since so much moisture is available any storm that develops has the capability of dropping an inch of rain in a 30-45min time frame. Ther risk for severe weather is relatively low, but I would imagine a warning or two will happen at some point over the next 5 days. Nothing in the data suggests widespread severe storms as of now. Plan on high temps in the low 90s for the rest of the week.  -Jude Redfield-







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I know one thing it is so hot and humid it is almost hard to breathe.

I hope we do get some rain. In the last 27 days I've received a grand total of .7 inches of rain......It should have been almost 4 inches.

We are headed for another drought if something doesn't change soon....

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