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Weather Blog: Video Of Massive Unknown Sea Creature

From Jude Redfield...

    What in the world is this? Watch the video below!!! (Also read the article below for what scientists believe this creature actually is)



A strange creature  spotted on footage from an underwater oil rig camera in the Gulf of Mexico may be a huge jellyfish.

According to the news blog Zeibiz, scientists think the “large blob” swimming slowly toward the camera is the rarely seen jellyfish known as depstaria reticulum. That’s based on the hexagonal pattern on its skin.  **CLICK THE LINK BELOW FOR THE REST OF THE ARTICLE**

Link To Web Article Says It's A Possible Jellyfish


So what do you think it is???





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It's amazing

Some kind of mutant ray

Looks like a large piece of tissue floating or controlled

Maybe a mix ray squid

The not so rare "plasticrapitus refusa"?
I'm sure it's a jellyfish as stated though. Nature is diverse.

looks like a whale has been born.

It has to be some kind of Jelly fish , or some kind of mutated sea creature , but my guess is a Jelly fish that has not been seen before. would be nice to get more video footage or capture one for study.

I think it's our replacement.

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