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The Halloween Heat Up!

Today we started off in fall and by tomorrow it is back to summer! We will even be warmer by this evening, for your Friday night plans, like high school football games! Here is an hour by hour to give you an idea about the conditions. We will be quiet, clear and mild. To put our temperatures for this evening into perspective, today at noon our temps were in the uppers 50s and low 60s and this is where our lows tonight will stick. You can see the warming trend is already in full swing! 

10-28 foot ball

The temperatures are boosting up for a couple of reasons: 

  1. A moisture deprived warm front moving through the area
  2. A shift in the winds to the southwest

Notice there is also a cold front to the west. This will move across the area over the weekend. This will drop the temps briefly on Sunday but only by a couple degrees. 

10-28 surf map

A tight pressure gradient will kick up the winds on Saturday. As previously mentioned, they will be out of the SW at about 10-15 mph and could gust even faster. So it will be a breezy day and is going to help boost our temperatures. Saturday is the first day we could break a record. The forecast for Saturday's high is 84 degrees. The old record is 83 from 1900. 

10-28 sat 8 am

The cold front will sweep through on Sunday and drop temps a bit. We will be in record territory on Halloween. The current record holder is 84 degrees from 1950. We have dropped our high slightly for Monday to 81 degrees. We will keep you posted on the Halloween forecast all weekend long! I will be on from 6-9 am and Jeremy will be on at 10-11 pm Saturday and Sunday! 

*Fun Fact: In 1950, just 25 days after the warmest Halloween on record on November 24, the temperatures had fallen by SEVENTY degrees! Talk about drastic! The high temp was only 14 degrees and the low was 4 degrees. What a whacky weather year! 

10-28 spooky heat

Although 1950 was the warmest Halloween on record, it is not one of the warmest Octobers on record. This year is still on track to be one, if not THE, warmest October on record!   

10-28 hottest oct

Be sure to tune into the news this evening with Marc and Rick to find out if and when there will be a major cool down and our next chance for some much needed rain! I will see you bright and early tomorrow morning from 6-9 am! Until then you can find me on social media with the links below! 

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  -Meteorologist Katie McGraw


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