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When The Last Freeze Of The Season Typically Occurs...

Now that spring has sprung, a lot of people want to know when the last freeze of the season typically occurs. Remember, the last freeze can vary greatly from year to year, but these maps should give you a rough idea of the average dates... 

Last spring hard freeze (28°):  March 24


Last spring freeze (32°):  April 5


Last spring frost (36°):  April 18


Just to emphasize the variability of these dates, check out some of these records of the latest/earliest frost, freeze and hard freeze. That's why the rule of thumb for our area is to always wait until after Derby before planting anything. 

Latest spring frost (36°):  May 27, 1961
Latest spring freeze (32°):  May 10, 1966
Latest spring hard freeze (28°):  April 23, 1986
Earliest final spring frost (36°):  March 15, 1884
Earliest final spring freeze (32°):  March 5, 1927
Earliest final spring hard freeze (28°):  February 19, 1905



-Rick DeLuca




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