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CODE ORANGE: Air Quality Alert Issued

An Air Quality Alert has been issued by the National Weather Service in Louisville, The Louisville Metro Air Pollution Control District and the Indiana Department of Environmental Management. It is in effect for today and again for tomorrow for Jefferson, Bullitt, Oldham, Floyd, Clark Counties or the metro area. This only impacts some individuals. Read more about the alert below. 

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The Louisville Metro Air Pollution Control District and the Indiana
Department of Environmental Management have issued an Air Quality
Alert for Today and again on Tuesday.

A code orange Air Quality Alert for Ozone has been issued for the 
Louisville Metro Area.
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Members of sensitive groups may experience health effects. The 
general public is not likely to be affected. Sensitive groups include
the elderly...children...persons with asthma or other breathing 
problems...and persons with lung and heart disease. People in these 
groups are advised to limit their outdoor activities to reduce their 
exposure to ozone and particulate pollution. 

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Air pollution is awful :(

Air pollution and pollution in general are unfortunately the biggest issues of nowadays :( We can't do nothing with the fact of ecology crisis of nowadays, but we can change the situation if we start changing it right now. I like this philosophy concerning the world's further development http://planetaryproject.com/planet_project/philosophy/ .

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