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WATCH: Video of a House Collapsing From Sink Hole

A massive sinkhole, that has already swallowed two homes, continues to grow in Pasco County, Florida.  Watch this dramatic, yet horrifying, video below as a home is destroyed as it collapses into the hole. 

Thankfully, no one was home and firefighters rescued two dogs from inside.

Video Credit: ABC Action News

Here is another clip, from a different angle. 

Video Credit: FOX 13 News Tampa Bay

This third video gives a good areal view of the hole. Officials say it could continue to grow to a nearby lake. Therefore, an evacuation is underway along Pine Drive in Land O' Lakes.

Kevin Guthrie, the Assistant Pasco County Administrator, says at 11 homes have been evacuated for safety, but more could be evacuated later and that no injuries have been reported. 
"At this point in time, we will continue to make and maintain about a 200 foot perimeter off the edge of this particular sinkhole", Guthrie said.  "And as it progresses, then we will continue to back that up by about 200 feet."

Video Credit: FOX 13 News Tampa Bay

The Pasco County Fire Chief says the sink hole grew within a matter of minutes. Authorities also say a sinkhole had previously fixed at the location. 
-Katie McGraw 


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