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ISS Set To Make A HIGH ALTITUDE Crossing Over Our Sky TONIGHT!

The International Space Station (ISS) will be making a HIGH ALTITUDE pass over our sky this evening.

At a blazing speed of 17,000 mph, it will cross our sky in about 6 minutes total time.  


Z iss crossing


You will be able to view it rise over the SW horizon at approximately 8:34 PM EDT this (Tuesday) evening.  The ISS will appear as a very bright point of light as it moves across the sky before exiting the NE horizon at approximately 8:40 AM EDT.

Unlike many ISS crossings, this one will take it very high in the sky, almost directly overhead in fact, rising to about 83° altitude at around at around 8:37 PM.

6a0148c78b79ee970c017c370e8365970bLong Exposure Photograph of the ISS Credit: Mark Humpage

See an amazing time-lapse video taken from the ISS here.

For information on how to photograph the ISS: http://www.universetoday.com/93588/a-beginners-guide-to-photographing-the-international-space-station-iss/#ixzz2Lll4JR00


You can track is progress live here on isstracker.com.

Outside of a few passing clouds, viewing looks to be very good.  Enjoy! 

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