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Update on Hurricane Maria and Track

The National Hurricane Center gives tropical cyclone updates every few hours. This blog will focus on the 2 pm update from Thursday September 21. Hurricane Marie regained its category 3 status earlier this morning and has strengthened a little bit more in the last few hours (from 115 to 120 mph). It currently has sustained wind speeds of 120 mph and gusting to 140. Pressure is at 960 and it is moving NW at 9 mph. 

Image 2

The track has not changed since the last update. 

The Bad News: Some strengthening is expected over the next 24 hours, but should stay a category 3 storm, as it moves toward the Turks and Caicos. 

Image 2

The Good News: Gradual weakening is likely by Saturday morning due to increasing shear and cooler ocean temps. It will remain a hurricane though, for the next five days. 

Image 2

What does Jose have to do with it? 

As Maria moves northwestward, it will be moving between a mid-level high centered south of Bermuda and a
broad trough extending from Tropical Storm Jose as it sits and continues to churn...

Image 1

...As a result, Maria is expected to turn gradually to the north-northeastward by the end of the forecast period, keeping it over the waters of the western Atlantic and away from the east coast of the United States. 
Image 2

To hear more about the updated track of Maria, because we will continue to get updates throughout the evening and tonight, be sure to join Marc this evening on WDRB News. We will be continuing to track Maria for the next several days. Be sure to follow us on social media for updates. The links to my pages are below! 

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-Katie McGraw 



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