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Rest of the Weekend: What to Expect?

Yesterday was a soggy end to the week as a cold front pushed through the region. Widespread rain impacted all of Kentuckiana with times of moderate to heavy rain. 

Image 2

Across the entire area, many saw roughly an inch of rain. Some a little less (about a half an inch) and some in Southern Indiana a little more (closer to two inches). 

Image 2

Temps have dropped SIGNIFICANTLY in the last day. I took this screen grab around 10:30 am. So since Friday at 10:30 to Saturday at 10:30 am, temps have dropped TWENTY degrees! And it is going to be chilly all day. Even with some sun, we won't make it out of the 40s today. With a light breeze, it will feel even colder. 

Image 2

As temps dropped, the rain became a cold rain and the potential for a wintry mix was there. To the snow lovers disappointment, there was very little frozen precipitation making it to the ground, especially snow. There were reports of ice pellets and sleet. All of the wet weather ended by 9 am this Saturday morning and clouds have thinned quite a bit. It will be variably cloudy all day. 

Image 2

The snow chance has gotten all the headlines. So what to expect for the rest of the weekend? There is a weak clipper just the NW of our region. It will drop south throughout the day and could bring a few more light showers/drizzle/flurries this evening, tonight or tomorrow morning. It shouldn't impact us all that much, but worth mentioning you might notice it or see it. 

Image 2

We will have sun and clouds for the first have of the day, but notice the HRRR (high resolution rapid refresh) model suggests by mid afternoon a few light showers will be brewing to our north. 

Image 2

By this evening, a few could make it to our area. It would be a drizzle or light rain at best and very isolated. 

Image 2

However, if this is happens and continues through the overnight, with temps around the freezing point, there could be a few flurries as well. 

Image 2

Otherwise, there will be mostly cloudy skies. Patchy frost is possible due to the low temps. 

Image 2

A chilly light wind out of the NW around 5-10 mph will make it feel slightly colder tonight and tomorrow morning! Some spots in the upper 20s! 

Image 2

Curious about Halloween? Our newest meteorologist Hannah Strong will have the latest details about the forecast, and if it will be a treat or if it will be a trick, this evening on WDRB News! Be sure to join her then! I will be back on air tomorrow morning from 6-9!

Hope to see you then! Until then, we can connect on social media.  The links to my social media pages are below!  

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-Katie McGraw 



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