Coldest Temps So Far This Season Arrives Tonight!

Despite the return of sunshine this afternoon and for the second day in a row, temps remained in the 60's for a high all across the area.  These temps are about 15 degrees below normal for this time of the year!


The culprit for the cool, fall-like temps, is a sprawling area of high pressure that stretches from the Great Lakes, through the Ohio Valley and down through the Middle Mississppi River Valley.  


This high pressure system will move directly over our area leading to the coldest readings so far this early fall season.  

So just how cold will it get?  

Let's track those temps with AdvanceTrak...

AT is showing widespread 40's out the door tomorrow morning with some of the favored valley locations dropping down into the low to middle 40's.  BRRR!!!


With the return of sunshine, midday temps look to relax back into the middle 60's.


Afternoon highs look to warm a bit into the low 70's by afternoon with lots of sunshine and low humidity continuing. 


Hopefully you like the early preview of fall, because we have a lot more coming our way this week.  

Be sure to catch Rick DeLuca with a full update on how long the cool weather will stick around on WDRB in the Morning.

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Mysterious Underwater "Crop Circles" Discovered Off the Coast of Japan...

About 20 years ago, divers off the coast of Japan came across these myterious underwater "crop circles". With the help of underwater cameras, they found out the artist was a small pufferfish. Only a few inches in length, the pufferfish would swim tirelessly for hours to create these unique geometric patterns using their fin! Further investigation revealed that the male pufferfish were the ones carving out these structures in order to attract females and provide a safe place for them to lay their eggs.

Image Courtesy: Wiki

That's not the only interesting fact about this species. Pufferfish are generally believed to be the second-most poisonous vertebrates in the world, after the golden poison frog. Certain internal organs, such as liver, and sometimes the skin, contain tetrodoxin and are highly toxic to most animals when eaten. It hasn't stopped people in Japan, Korea, and China from eating the meat which is considered a delicacy.


Video Courtesy: Animal Wire



-Rick DeLuca





Can The Persimmon Seeds Really Predict Winter? You May NOT Like What They Are Saying About This Winter...

I touched on the winter forecasting of the woolly worms about 2 weeks ago and tonight I want to talk about one of the other winter "predictors"... the persimmon seed. The persimmon seeds have been used to forecast how cold and snowy the upcoming winter will be for a long time! Many people would put the persimmon seeds and the woolly worms at the top of the winter weather forecasting folklore. In fact, the Farmer's Almanac even makes a statement about the forecasting power of the Persimmon seed...


"According to old-timers, persimmon seeds can be used to predict the severity of winter weather. When cut into two pieces, the persimmon seed will display on of three symbols. A knife shape will indicate a cold icy winter (where wind will cut through you like a knife). A fork shape indicates a mild winter. A spoon shape stands for a shovel to dig out the snow."


Persimmon Seeds From This Year...


Over the last couple of days I have started getting pictures of the persimmon seeds from this year. This picture was sent to me by Christy Rogers in Brandenburg and her persimmon seeds clearly have a spoon shape.


Facebook pic 2


Brooke Rice Lang sent me this picture of her persimmon seeds in her area yesterday. Notice there are also two spoons in her photo also indicating a snowy winter.


Facebook pic 2


So what does that say about our winter? The spoon shape indicates a snowy winter and right now that is all I have seen from our area. For what it is worth, we saw mainly knives and spoons last year which would indicate a cold and snowy winter which is what we had.


My Thoughts On These Weather Folklore...


As with all folklore, I think people will have different opinions. The real problem is that different areas seem to be showing different shapes in Persimmon seeds. I think this is one of those situations where you can probably bend the folklore to meet the actual winter conditions, so I have to say I am not a big believer. Regardless, some love weather folklore so I thought it was worth a discussion tonight.





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Image Of The Day: Massive Nests Built On Telephone Poles...

The Sociable Weaver or Social Weaver (Philetairus socius) is a species of bird in the Passeridae family endemic to Southern Africa. It is monotypic within the genus Philetairus. It is found in South Africa, Nambia, and Botswana. but their range is centered within the Nothern cape Province of South Africa. They build large compound community nests, a rarity among birds. These nests are perhaps the most spectacular structure built by any bird...


Image Courtesy: Wiki

Sociable weavers construct permanent nests on trees and other tall objects. These nests are the largest built by any bird, and are large enough to house over a hundred pairs of birds containing several generations at a time. The nests are highly structured and provide birds with a more advantageous temperature relative to the outside. The central chambers retain heat and are used for nighttime roosting. The outer rooms are used for daytime shade and maintain temperatures of 7-8 degrees Celsius inside while outside temperatures may range from 16-33 degrees Celsius. Sociable weaver nests are used commensally by several other bird species, most commonly the  Pygmy Falcon.


Image Courtesy: Wiki

The nests consist of separate chambers, each of which is occupied by a pair (sometimes with offspring) roost and breed. Nests are built around large and sturdy structures like Acacia trees or sometimes even telephone poles. The trees generally used for nest-building are Acacia erioloba, Boscia albitrunca and Alow dichotoma. The birds at Etosha National Park also use Colophospermum mopane trees for nesting. Large nesting colonies can be active across several generations, sometimes over a hundred years. The nest appears like a large haystack in the tree. If seen from below, several entrances into the chambers may be seen, giving a honey-comb appearance. The entrances may be about 3 in (76 mm) wide and can be up to 10 in (250 mm) long. Sharp sticks may be placed to deter predators from entering. Snakes, especially Cape cobras are the most common nest predators, often consuming all the eggs in all the chambers of a large nest. Nest predation is often as high - in one study 70% of the clutches laid were depredated.


Image Courtesy: Wiki


-Rick DeLuca








Weather Blog: Cold & Snowy Winter Ahead???

From Jude Redfield...

    With the upcoming cold surge and signs of snow already hitting the U.S. I have a feeling you might be interested in the winter outlook from the The Old Farmer's Almanac. It recently put out it's winter prediciton and has Kentuckiana in the bullseye (according to them) for some of winter's worst weather.



The other source saying get ready for a good deal of winter chill and snow is THE FARMERS ALMANAC (not to be confused with the "OLD" Farmer's Almanac)  

Click the link below for the full winter discussion....

Winter Outlook From..THE FARMERS ALMANAC




    I know snow lovers are hoping these predicitons are correct. I can't believe summer is quickly ending and we are already looking ahead to the winter. Time goes way too fast. Nobody really knows exactly what will happen this winter. One thing I can promise is we don't have to worry about snow anytime soon so enjoy the autumn-like weekend! -Jude-


A Strong Geomagnetic Storm Is Possible Soon! Could We See The Northern Lights In Our Area?

Sunspot AR2158 released two solar flares in the last two days that will likely impact earth. The strongest occurred yesterday and was in the highest "X" classification of flares. This X1.6 class flare was earth directed making it even more interesting.


Facebook 2 pic

Image courtesy of NASA


When this X1.6 solar flare occurred it created what is called a called a Coronal Mass Ejection or CME. These CMEs eject large amounts of blazing hot debris from the sun into space. When these are directed at Earth, we can see very active Auroras (Northern Lights) and even some communication disruptions. Yesterday's flare did indeed produce a CME that is now racing at earth at 1,400 km/second or about 3 million MPH. This is where things get interesting. NOAA is predicting a G2 level geomagnetic storm for Friday night and a strong G3 level geomagnetic storm watch for Saturday night. I want to describe what that means and how far south the Auroras (Northern Lights) will be visibile.


What Is A G3 Level Geomagnetic Storm?


NOAA and the Space Weather Prediction Center uses a scale to describe the strength and frequency of geomagnetic storms. These geomagnetic storms occur when the charged particles from the sun crash into the magnetic field of the earth after these large "CMEs" occur. NOAA is classifying tonight's geomagnetic storm as a G3. G3 class geomagnetic storms occur about 130 times every 11 years and they are considered strong. Here are some of the possible impacts.


  • Power systems: voltage corrections may be required, false alarms triggered on some protection devices.
  • Spacecraft operations: surface charging may occur on satellite components, drag may increase on low-Earth-orbit satellites, and corrections may be needed for orientation problems.
  • Other systems: intermittent satellite navigation and low-frequency radio navigation problems may occur, HF radio may be intermittent, and aurora has been seen as low as Illinois and Oregon (typically 50° geomagnetic lat.).


Now that you know the impacts, let's see who could get a rare glimpse of the Auroras (Northern Lights)!



Viewing The Auroras In Our Area?


This is where things get a bit tough. G3 geomagnetic storms do normally produce Auroras that are visible in the mid latitudes where we live, but how far south is not immediately clear. The SWPC produces graphics showing how far south the Aururas will be visible, but only 24 hours in advance. We will try to post the Aurora Oval when it is released Saturday to give you probabilities of viewing the Northern Lights in Kentuckiana. I will say there is some info coming from SWPC that cast some doubt on the Auroras being viewable this far south, but it is something to way.


The next obvious question... will the weather cooperate on Saturday night?



Will There Be Any Clearing Saturday Night?


The data is suggesting that that we will cloud up Friday night but should clear Saturday night with very low dewpoints. Honestly, this would be perfect if the Auroras are visible this far south.


AdvanceTrak 1


AdvanceTrak 2

AdvanceTrak 3

AdvanceTrak 4

The bottom line... the skies look mostly clear on Saturday night and visibility should be very good with cool temps and low humidities. If we do get a G3 geomagnetic storm on Saturday night, this will be worth attempting to view! More on this opportunity in the coming days.





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Video Of The Day: Watch A Man Climb Into An Active Volcano!

George Kourounis is an adventurer and storm chaser who specializes in documenting extreme weather conditions. His most recent stunt involved him rappelling nearly 1,300 feet into an active volcano! Along with fellow explorer and filmmaker Sam Cossman, the pair climbed deep into the Marum crater, located on the South Pacific's Vanuatu archipelago. Kourounis got so close to the lava that some splashed up and melted a hole in his protective suit. Here is the video they shot...


Video Courtesy: Sam Cossman



-Rick DeLuca



Weather Blog: Record Rain Amounts

From Jude Redfield...

    Almost 3" is the official tally at Standiford Field and this is a new daily record rainfall total in Louisville. The flood situation is now diminished with the heavy rain ending. Clouds will linger the next couple of days with only limited amounts of sun at best. Our rain rain chance tomorrow is low and mainly south of the Ohio River. Our rain chance on Saturday is even lower. Our average high is 83, but don't expect to make it to 83 anytime soon. The cool plunge is arriving as I type this. -Jude-





Weather Blog: Hefty Rain Amounts

From Jude Redfield...

    Through 3am parts of our region have seen over 3" of rain. The storms continue to weaken as they move to the east. The heaviest rain will shift south of the metro over the next 2 hours with our severe weather risk remaining very low. Watch for standing water on the roads...flash flooding is possible over the next few hours. -Jude-




60 MPH Winds Moving Across Our Area With Severe Storms! The Locations At Risk...

The NWS has issued a Severe T-Storm Warning for Jefferson county in Indiana and Trimble county in Kentucky until 12:20 AM EDT. This storm is moving east at 35 mph. It has the potential to produce wind gusts to 60 mph. In addition, frequent lightning and locally heavy downpours will accompany this storm. Please use caution around this storm.


  AdvanceTrak 1

  AdvanceTrak 2














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