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February 28, 2011

Damage Surveys...

The National Weather Service will be sending out teams today to determine whether straight line winds or tornadoes that did the damage across our area. DuBois County, IN and Henry County, KY seem to have sustained the greatest damage. Some homes were completely flattened in Henry County, KY which appears to be hit the hardest. Here are some of the highlights from the overnight storms.


Text Graphic 


According the the NWS, they will be out in the field to assess storm damage from the following counties in Indiana:

DuBois County



In Kentucky:


Jefferson County

Oldham County

Henry County


I will update later this afternoon with their findings.


To find out if the storms are done for the day, please check the previous blog entry.





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Excellent coverage this morning. Your coverage was far superior to the other networks. Nothing more annoying then 2 or 3 so called weatherpeople clashing over airtime. You did it solo and pinpointed the eminence twister location. Thanks Marc!

Ryan, thanks for the compliments. I know you have a lot of choices, so I appreciate you choosing us during such an important time.

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