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Update To The Severe Risk For This Afternoon

 The Storm Prediction center is holding most of our area under a slight risk of severe weather this afternoon. I wanted to get you the latest for the afternoon, then later we will dive into my thoughts.


SPC Severe Weather Risk


SPC Categorical Severe Weather Risk Today / Tonight

Note the slight risk does include almost our entire area today.


Spc 1 cat 

SPC Risk 

SPC Hail Risk Today / Tonight

Note the slight risk area has a 15% chance of hail.


Spc 1 hail 

SPC Damaging Wind Risk Today / Tonight

Note the slight risk area also has a 15% chance of damaging winds.


Spc 1 wind 

SPC Tornado Risk Today / Tonight

Notice our area has a 2% chance of a tornado.


Spc 1 torn 

I will have my thoughts on the risk a little later today...



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Thanks, Marc. Glad you are back.

Dang... that WDRB (or whatever) got me all cornfused on where Fox41 was. Though I can't pull Fox41 (WDRB) in on the Teli anymore here in T.ville... at least it is good to get you here on the blog :)

Kevin, it is nice to know I was missed when I was gone. :)

DJ, I am a little confused on the WDRB / FOX41 thing? Anyway, I am glad you are enjoying the blog!

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