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Large Asteroid To Make "A Close To Earth" Fly-By!

Did you know that an asteroid named 4179 Toutatis is going to make a close fly-by this week? This is not a small asteroid, so this is a very interesting story. Here are the details...


Asteroid Fly-By


NASA has been watching the asteroid name 4179 Toutatis very closely over the last couple of days. This asteroid is a big asteroid measuring about 5 km in length or about 3 miles long and is widely considered one of the most well know "potentially hazerdous asteroids".  NASA Goldstone radar in the Mojave desert has been recording images of Toutatis for a few days and you can see the shape and size of this asteroid in their latest images.


Asteroid 2


Asteroid 3


4179 Toutatis is expected to pass within 7 million kilometers of earth or about 18 times further than the moon on Wednesday, December 12th, but post no threat to earth. These "potentially hazardous asteroids" or PHAs are the asteroids that have been deemed possible concerns for the future. While this does not mean it would ever impact earth, it is one to watch. NASA / astronomers hope the close-up mapping of asteroid to help determine its orbit, shape, and topography. The latest data suggests 4179 Toutatis would not cross the earth's path for hundreds of years, it is important to learn more about this large asteroid while it is close.


If you have any interest in following  4179 Toutatis live, you can check out thevirtualtelescope.eu 's live broadcast of the fly-by here... http://www.virtualtelescope.eu/webtv/.




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