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Showers On The Way!

The deep blue skies from yesterday have been replaced as clouds move in from the west. Along with those clouds you see that shield of light freezing rain. A bulk of that will stay off to our north so we are looking primarily at a rain event. If you live in southern Indiana you may experience a brief shot of freezing rain/sleet before it switches over to plain rain. With temperatures making it back to more seasonable levels today, the precipitation should be in the liquid state, not frozen.  


Speaking of temperatures, here is a regional view of the numbers this morning.

Temperatures Regional

The arctic air is retreating to the northeast and our winds will flip around to a southerly direction. That will open the door for milder air to surge into our area. Highs will be off the the races next week with readings in the 60's by Tuesday!  Showers and thunderstorms will fire up Wednesday so be on guard for some strong to potenially severe storms.  

-Rick DeLuca




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