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Today's Blog: Brutal Arctic Attack In The Works

From Jude Redfield...

    We are looking at a January thaw to move our way next week.  At this point it looks to be short lived as signs are pointing to a BRUTAL Arctic attack on the U.S. for the second half of January.  The link below is a website I go to from time to time and the article is simply fantastic. If you are hoping for more winter weather this is a must read!

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Indications Point To ARCTIC BLAST Soon


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The big question everyone is wanting to know... How cold will/can it get and will we see snow with it?? I looked at the link above and of course I have no clue what all the numbers mean!!

That's pretty neat. I follow TWC (the weather centre), and the guy, Andrew does a wonderful job with oscillations, and explains stuff very well (like the SSW)... Most of this stuff I didn't know about until I followed it :)


Pam-- A bit of this is more actual weather than computer models... SSW, Vortex breaking down, AO, NAO, PNA, MJO, etc all come together to bring cold down here...

So basically.. AO, NAO, vortex, SSW are all pointing to cold winter. MJO is 50/50 (as I see it), PNA looks favorable for west (but maybe not)....

So.. It CAN get as cold as 1985 winter. It probably will get close to that cold.
Snow-wise, it will probably be very snowy........

May want to look at this

Most important one--
The temperatures in the map is in Kelvin, so it is 'more significant' in Fahrenheit... Also the graph only goes up to 3.5 Kelvins.

Hope this helps. May still be confusing. I just hope we get a storm the 11th.

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