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Today's Blog: **Severe Weather Update**

From Jude Redfield...

    I'm not going to go into a real technial discussion for this early morning severe weather blog update. If you look at the maps below it should drive home what we are thinking in terms of severe weather and the latest timeframe.  While we do have the risk for a few tornado warnings prompted by QUICK spin ups on the radar locally, the more widespread risk in Kentuckiana comes in the form of straight line wind damage. Some of the wind gusts could hit 60-70mph as the squall line advances to the East. Movement with the line will be in the range of 55-65mph.  If there is any bit of positive news to pass along its that the storms will not linger. They should be in and out in about 4 hours. The window to watch for with this line ends up in a 2am - 7am range. It should be moving fast enough that the worst of the storms are closer to I-75 by the time most school bells ring tomorrow morning.  At this point it would probably be a good idea to set your alarm for around the 1:30 am timeframe so you can wake up and get a radar update late in the overnight to see what we will be facing while we sleep. Between 12am -1:30am storms will head into western KY and will be knocking on our door. **Follow me on facebook and twitter for more severe weather updates**  Jude Redfield Facebook   Jude Redfield Twitter







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hi jude we live near Montgomery, Alabama now...any idea how it will be here and when? i know you're busy there but our local tv news i dont trust like i do my wdrb guys! if you dont get a chance its ok i will watch your radar

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