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Clouds remaining petulant. Will be a cold afternoon.

It's turning out to be a very gloomy Thursday across Kentuckiana.  


In addition to the clouds, temps have been held in check so far today with area temps only in the  mid 30's as of noon.  

At temps

The visible satellite imagery reveals an extensive low cloud deck that extends all the way to the west to near Mount Vernon and Paducah. 

Sat vis

The reason for the pesky clouds is a strong temperature inversion that exists at about 5 or 6,000 feet above us.  

This inversion is preventing any dry air from above to mix into the saturated (cloud) layer that exists just below it.  


Because of the strength of this inversion, I don't expect to see much, if any, sunshine this afternoon for Louisville.  This will translate to a cold and gray afternoon.  

Fortunately, the sun looks to return tomorrow along with a nice warm up.  Marc will have the latest forecast details starting today at 4 on WDRB News.

Meteorologist Jeremy Kappell


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Love the blog, but as an English teacher I'm not a fan of this usage of "petulant". The word can mean stubborn, which I assume is what you are intending, but the true connotation implies a disrespectful or rude behavior. The "petulant" child might be described that way because she is stubborn, but only insofar as that stubbornness is disrespectful to those around her. "Intransigent" would be a better choice. No disrespect here, by the way--I love following the weather and your blog. Thanks for all the interesting reading!

Thanks for the grammar tip Clark. I was debating between using pesky, stubborn, or petulant. Went with the latter b/c I felt like I had already overused the first two.

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