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Today's Blog: Play Ball...Or Will They

From Jude Redfield...

    Big changes made with our forecast for the Thursday rain outlook. If you have plans on attending the Bats opener you will be thrilled to know the rain chance is almost completely off the table. :)  High pressure to the north is simply going to kill the storms northerly movement tomorrow. We will see a few more clouds around along with a couple sneaky showers for southern sections of Kentuckiana. A few days ago it appeared we COULD have a situation that would offer enough rain for some that we could spread some fertilizer.  DO NOT spread fertilizer unless you plan on using the hose to soak it into the ground.

    Follow the maps and forecast panels below to find out the exact forecast for the first pitch tomorrow night. You might actually be sneezing tomorrow night with increased pollen in the air. The pollen forecast below indicates relatively high levels the next few days.








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