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Today's Blog: UFO? You Make The Call

From Jude Redfield...

    I always find this stuff so interesting. Recently a Tampa weatherman caught on camera some wild formations over downtown Tampa.  Just click the link below and tell me what you think it might be.  The article describes the conditions that night. Do you believe in UFOs?

Possible UFO Over Tampa


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On the picture you posted on facebook, the red and green lights on should be a giveaway that these are planes.

But I can't figure out if that picture is really related to the video.

The lights help you figure out which side of the plane is which in the dark. The green lights go on the right, or starboard, side; the red ones are on the left, or port, side.

The only thing I don't get is that there is nothing in the ACTUAL video that looks like the picture on facebook.

eas, I agree that the video is completely different... The video looks more interesting..

Picture definitely helicopters

They do appear to be travelling a little to fast for lanterns, so I would say that you can pretty much rule them out. Also the lantern does have a bit of a flicker. It would be interesting to find out what the wind speed and direction was that night.

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