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Today's Blog: Severe Weather Outlook

From Jude Redfield...

    With a cold front approaching Friday and Saturday a couple rounds of storms are likely for some in Kentuckiana. As it stands now we are looking at a risk for severe weather.  At this point it does not look like a tornado outbreak like they have been seeing in the plains is likely around here. We are actually looking at the probabilities for damaging wind and hail being the main threat in Kentuckiana. Since many things can change between now and then I would say just watch how the pattern evolves in the next couple of days before you get too nervous. I understand we continue to get scary looking video from the midwest and plains, but their set up is totally different than what we are facing Friday & Saturday.  **Some good news** As of now I do not see any evidence that suggests a widespread outbreak of severe weather in Kentuckiana. This looks to be a system that could spark a scattering of warnings from time to time.  More to come over the next few days...make sure to check our blogs as they are updated multiple times a day.




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