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An Update To How My Family Is Recovering After The Moore, Oklahoma EF-5 Tornado Two Weeks Ago...

I have been asked a lot of times over the last two weeks how my brother and his family is doing after getting hit by the Moore, OK EF-5 tornado on May 20th. They lost their house during that tornado and were right next to Briarwood Elementary school. I have a before and after image so you can see what my brother's house looked like before the tornado and what it looked after. The school you see on the bottom is Briarwood Elementary and the arrow points to my brother's house.


Facebook 2 pic


Here is a close up look at what my my sister-in-law, niece, and nephew came out to see after the storm.


Facebook pic


I have been asked a lot of times how they are doing, so I wanted to devote tonight's blog to them.



Since The May 20 Moore, OK EF-5


The tornado obviously shook up my brother and his family. The sounds, ears popping, and sights are things that every tornado victim deals with in their own way. My niece and nephew lost all their clothes, toys, and furniture. It is sad to think that children had to go through what they went through and then lose all their favorite toys.


In the time since then, my family has helped where we could to try and replenish the toys and clothes while they deal with the insurance claims. Their car was destroyed and they are looking for a new car and their house was a total loss. They are working toward buying a new house, so we are very excited about that. They are also closing in on buying a new car. The insurance companies seem to be working quickly to get money to their insured losses and that is encouraging. It takes time, but they are well into the recovery process. It takes time to fill out all the insurance forms for the belongings in the house and that will indeed take time.


I asked my brother if he would share a few pictures of the kids since the tornado hit and they sent me these pictures of them opening their presents they have received over the last two weeks. I know many of you have kept them in your thoughts and prayers so I wanted to share a few pictures. :)


Photo 11


Photo 12


Photo 13


Photo 14


Photo 15


My family will be together next week for my wedding and we are all beyond excited to see them. My brother, my sister-in-law, my niece, and nephew will all be at the wedding so we will indeed get to visit them shortly. I think everyone just wants to see each other after all that has happened.


Thank You


The outpouring of support each of you have shown my family is overwhelming. We had two children named Genevieve and Griffin that decided they would sell water and popcorn at their neighborhood yard sale to raise money for my niece and nephew who they never met. These two children selflessly thought of my niece / nephew and decided they wanted to forgo getting their summer toys to donate the money to my brother's family. I got to meet Genevieve and Griffin at the yard sale and in the studio again today.


Photo 17


Here is the letter they gave me to give my brother and his family.


Photo 16


How can a person respond to the kindness these two have shown other children in need? I keep wondering if the we could just see the world through the eyes of children then how much better off would we be?


There are scars on the land from the tornado and scars in the minds of the victims. It will take time to heal both wounds. Many have asked if they can help my family and we appreciate your offers. If you wish to help, my brother asks that you make the donation to the Red Cross or Salvation Army. Both have helped my family already. I cannot emphasize this enough... our nation moves from one tragedy to the next. It is easy to forget about those that have lost so much as we change gears to the next tragedy. The destruction in Oklahoma from these two EF-5 tornadoes is enormous. The families will need help for months and years. Please consider how each of us can help and please do not forget the victims.




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God bless you and your family Marc!

Mike, thank you!

I agree with you when you said the world would be a different place if we saw it the way children do.. Such compassion and hope in the eyes of the little ones.. I wonder where along the way people lost that.. Your family has and will continue to be in my thoughts and prayers as they go through this recovery process. God bless!

Cindy, thank you for praying of my brother's family. :)

will continue pryaing for yor family!!!!!! and all the rest too this was horrible to be hit twice !!! like i said we r by enid and it ws scary enough!!! couldnt imagine my heart goes out to all !!!

amanda, I am glad you are safe after this year. What a crazy year for the Sooner state.

Marc I am so sorry about all this but it blesses me to know still good proletariat in this world. May God Bless and keep you and your family in his care.Congratulations. on your up and coming wedding.Wish you many happy years with your live. God Bless. Thanks for all your work...Olivia


May God bless you and your family. Congratulations on your upcoming wedding.

Jeremy S, thank you!

Marc, It is a shame your brother and family lost so much but it is all material items that can be replaced. thank the Good Lord that no one was injured. Congratulations on your on your wedding Saturday I am glad your brother and family are able to make it to the wedding. Hope your wedding lasts as long as ours has we just celebrated 45 years!

Linda, 45 years... WOW! That is amazing!

Thank you very much for the congrats. :)

wow, wonderful

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