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Meteorological Spring Has Ended! Do You Think It Was Warmer Or Cooler? More Or Less Snow Than Normal?

The meteorological spring has ended. Meteorological spring officially begins March 1st and ends May 31st Here is the question... do you think it was warmer than normal or colder than normal? More snow than normal or less? Here is the offical from the NWS and notice Louisville is on the last line.


Average Temperature Departure from Normal Precipitation Departure from Normal Snowfall Departure from Normal
Bowling Green 56.4 -1.1 16.84" +2.59" 2.5" +1.3"
Frankfort 52.5 -2.2 12.03" -0.89    
Lexington 53.9 -1.1 15.88" +2.95" 4.0" +2.3"
Louisville Bowman 54.9 -1.9 12.02" -1.34"    
Louisville Standiford (official) 56.0 -1.6 12.03" -1.42" 1.7" +0.2"



The interesting part is the snow was above normal! I bet many of you didn't see that one coming! The other interesting part is Bowling Green saw more snow than Louisville! It was also a cooler than normal spring and much of that came during the very chilly month of March.





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