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Jaw Dropping Video from INSIDE The Milan, Italy Tornado Today! Unbelievable!

There is some absolutely REMARKABLE video coming from from a group of people that were inside the Milan, Italy tornado from earlier today! This is some of the craziest video I have seen of any European tornado! Notice the power lines blow up at :59 seconds in the video. At the end of the video, you can literally hear the debris pummelling the windows of the building the person was in!






Are These Rare?


Italy Tornado


With interest in tornadoes and waterspouts growing around the world, it appears the number of reports are also rising. The most recent data I was able to research suggests about up to around 40 tornado or waterspouts are observed per year in Italy. While they are less frequent in Europe than the US, they still have a very real tornado climatology. According to "The Climatology of Tornadoes And Waterspouts in Italy", the period from 1991-2000 saw 5 strong EF-3 tornadoes.





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i not sure that was a very smart thing to do anything could have come through those windows at anytime is was good video and it looked like they where not on the first floor which i am sure made it more dangers

mitzi, it seems in the moment them may have just been shocked by what was happening?

I don't speak Italian, but I sensed that an ignorance of the storm kept them from audible alarm. They likely wouldn't have hung around those huge windows if they knew what was coming.

Great video! The whistling of the air being sucked through the windows was crazy.

Steve, that sound is disturbing!

That was remarkable footage. Most people in Oklahoma know to stay away from glass windows during tornado warnings, however it was nice to see what happens during a tornado from the inside of an office building. Very brave person.

I'm not sure brave would be the way to describe the actions of these two men. Being anywhere near a window or an exterior wall in a storm of this nature is simply asking for trouble. It is remarkable video, and should be a lesson to our European brothers and sisters not to do this in the future. In Oklahoma most of us have learned to seek the best shelter possible during a tornado. They're luck they weren't killed.

That is a remarkable video and one of the "more dramatic" ones from Europe I would say!
I am working as a forecaster in Austria and have been to the Great Plains a couple of times to chase supercells and tornadoes.

As some of the previous commenters have mentioned, it was pretty dangerous to stay in that office room. However, this just goes to show that there is still a certain lack of awareness on how violent these storms can be and what damage they can do. Many people over here are not even aware that tornadoes can and indeed do happen on occasion in central Europe.

The media attention has risen in the last couple of years, though and some weather services have even begun to issue tornado warnings (of sorts) or at least they now mention the threat of tornadic storms sometimes. Nevertheless, we still have a long way to go to educate the public and improve our warning systems.

Lars, I wondered how they warn specifically in Italy since we have had two notable tornadoes in the last year. It is very interesting to see how we deal with these storms so differently.

I live in Oklahoma and That right there is more than Brave that is plain Redneck stupidity.. Congrats on the Video but Do NOT ever do that again lol...

They didn't expect that a tornado was coming... forecasts didn't explicitly give an alarm (or at least it was not known by the most). It's not very common in Italy to have tornadoes.
By the way, there were no damages to people

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