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Geology of Devils Tower National Monument...

Although Devils Tower has long been a prominent landmark in northeastern Wyoming, the origin of the mammoth rock obelisk remains somewhat obscure. Geologists agree that Devils Tower formed from molten rock forced upwards from deep within the earth. Debate continues, however, as to whether the rock cooled underground or whether Devils Tower magma reached the surface.

Photo Courtesy: Wiki

Current research supports the conclusion that Devils Tower was not a volcano, but was injected between sedimentary rock layers and cooled underground (as a laccolith). The characteristic furrowed columns are the result of contraction which occurred during the cooling of the magma. Geologic estimates have placed the age of Devils Tower at greater than 50 million years, although it is likely that erosion uncovered the rock formations only one or two million years ago.


Photo Courtesy: Wiki


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I have been there, it is trurly awesome

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