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Today's Blog: I Think We Are In For A Treat

From Jude Redfield...

    If you're like me you feel autumn is one of the best of the four seasons. I'm starting to notice a few extra colors showing up on the trees. As October begins, the first real signs of autumn orange, red, yellow & brown are being seen in Kentuckiana. We are still weeks away from peak viewing, but you can travel a few hours away and find peak viewing in just a couple weeks. If you head to the Appalachains mid month, falls best colors will be seen. Our area typically shows its brilliance by the end of the month and I see no reason this fall will be different.  I actually think we are in for one of the best shows in quite some time. Our spring and summer weren't too dry so drought conditions shouldn't have a real impact on our color. We didn't have extreme heat either this summer which should help the colorful cause.

    In my opinion the only thing that could possibly hamper our viewing would be a major wind making storm with heavy rain to roll through this month between the 19th-29th. High wind and heavy rain are the number one killers to prolonged leaf viewing as it peaks. The best case scenario would be for last two weeks of October to end up calm and dry. It is impossible at this point to forecast the weather at the end of the month. It would be unusual to make it through a two week stretch however without a storm system of any major consequence. But it is weather afterall, something I never advise betting on...you just never know :)   **Please share your fall photos with me in the coming weeks so I can put them on air** Thanks -Jude Redfield-









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