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Extraordinary Macro Photography Creates STUNNING Images Of Snow Flakes. The Details Are Absolutely Remarkable!

This has to be one of the coolest things I have seen in a long time. A Russian photographer named Alexey Kljatov created a rig to capture amazingly detailed images of snow flakes. What makes this even more amazing is that he made the equipment using old camera parts, some boards, screws and simple tape. Alexey even gives us a schematic on how to do it ourselves!



Simple scheme of optical add-on for super-macro shooting



The images captured give depth into the words... "no two snow flakes are alike". Notice the character that each of these snow flakes takes on.



The core






The beauty of imperfection









Cloud wheel (print version)



Snow flower (print version)



Oak leaves or feathers? (print version)



Almost triangle (print version)



Snowflake n.1937057371046175 (print version)






Ice rainbow



Snow Queen's capacitors



Alien's data disk



Slight asymmetry



Capped Column









Ice crown












Morning star






Liquid star



Melting snowflake






It is rare that I come across something that just blows me away, but these images from Alexey Kljatov are just remarkable! The detail of each individual snow flake is extraordinary and you get to see how different temperatures create different style flakes. To study this in a book is one thing, but to see it in our atmosphere occurring is totally another. Just WOW!




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I'm just not sure taking a photo of a single snowflake is possible. They are great photos but I would have to question the validity of exactly what they are pictures of.

Renee, the shapes are structures are very clearly real from what is predicted in meteorology. I am not sure what there is to question?

Truly amazing!! Just out of this world! They say a picture is worth a thousand words well these are beyond that.

Angela, I agree. I am just blown away by!!!

This is just simply amazing and beautiful, They look like little works of art. I don't believe I've ever seen anything like it, Thanks for sharing!

deniece, I am glad you enjoyed the blog. :)

It is beautiful I wish our eyes could see what his photography has captured, then I might actually wish it would snow. I have always heard that no 2 snowflakes are the same but wow. Thank you for sharing natures art.

Beautiful!! Thanks for sharing!!

Wow, the details of the snowflakes are amazing. Nice job

Great pictures and it is possible to photograph a single flake Renee. This took a lot of time. Thanks Marc.


These are truly amazing photographs! A new Wilson Bentley. By the way, I always thought snowflakes had six points. Can you explain why some of them don't? Thanks for sharing; they're beautiful!


Wow, these pictures are so detailed! Hey Marc, you should write up a blog one day to show what the worlds largest snowflake ever recorded was.

thats why i love snow flakes, all God creations are perfect and beautiful, only some of it are abused.

anges, it is all about the temperature they form in. Different temps for different structures. You can actually get pentagonal columns created wild optics in the atmosphere!

Israel, hmmm, I could look into it.

God's creations are truly breathtaking.

I was a borderline agnostic, however the symmetry and perfection of these flakes is changing my thinking. Thank you!

The Gospil according to snowflakes. Beautiful.


Wow!!! I'm watching snowstorms in the mountains of Montana, Keeping me from driving the mountain passes. Could anyone count God's output of snowflakes today? Much less imagine the images. Thank you for reminding us of His creativity and Daily Blessings.

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