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Tornado Hits The Netherlands And The Video Is CRAZY!!! These People are VERY Close With Debris Everywhere!

Yesterday, a tornado hit the county of the Netherlands in western Europe. There were people close by that captured video as the tornado hit and the video is absolutely wild! It seems like they may only be a few blocks away! You want to watch closely at :55 as the debris is lofted, then at 1:12 you can see the tornado under the bridge ripping away, finally at 1:25 you can see cars barely missed by the tornado! Warning... there is some adult language in the video.





Here is a wider video of the same tornado as it moved through Netherlands.





Are Tornadoes Common In The Netherlands?


The Netherlands lies just east of England across the North Sea in Europe.. If you are curious of the exact location, here is a closer look.


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The Netherlands does lie in the zone of Europe that does see the most tornadoes. Some of the most recent research by Kroll in 1991 estimates that 20 - 25 tornadoes per year occur in the Netherlands. Their peak tornado season per Kroll is March - October. In addition, research by Reynolds in 1999 ranks the Netherlands as seeing the 4th most tornadoes in Europe which is impressive considering its smaller size.



Tornadoes are not rare in the Netherlands and with videos on every cell phone, we are seeing more and more of them! So far there have been at least 4 prelimary reports of tornadoes with at least 3 confirmed from the November 3rd event. It is clear the tornadoes did damage, but I haven't seen reports of any serious injuries at this point.





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Hi Marc,

Windhoos means weak tornado, less than F1. Those are quite common over here in the Netherlands.The name of the city this video was recorded is Arnhem. A real tornado hitted the city of Wijk bij Duurstede the same day and a lot of damage was done there.

Astrid, thank you for the correction. I will make that adjustment later today. I did my best with the language barrier. :)

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