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Weather Blog: Get A Load Of This Warm Up

From Jude Redfield...

    The upper level jet dictates the overall weather pattern. When it rides north like it's about to get ready for the spring blow torch to be lit. A significant warm up is headed in for the end of the week and weekend. As you would probably imagine some sort of price will be paid. At this point it looks as if heavy rain and a few t-storms will rumble Saturday into Sunday. Many locations in Kentuckiana could end up with well over an inch of rain this coming weekend. Check out the temperature contrast below as we see the warm side vs the cold side. That powerful cold front drives in heavy rain late in the day on Saturday through the first part of Sunday. If you have weekend plans stay tuned for the specifics as we get closer. -Jude Redfield-








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I have been reading weather blogs for quite some time and I have to give you credit where credit is due. You tend to get the majority of your forecasts in the ball park even several days out. I know it is a challenge trying to get an idea of what the weather will do here but compared to the other forecasters from the other stations you do a pretty fair job. What I like about you is that yes you will talk about what computer models may say but you tend to go more with what you know and less what a computer tells you. You are probably the first meteorologist since Tom Wills (who set the standard) to come along who truly does know a lot about the weather. Keep up the good work.

Oh why oh why can't the precipitation be snow? It's just so sad when it warms up and rains when it's supposed to be snow weather. :(

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