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Image Of The Day: The Incredible Elephant Rock In Iceland!

In my opinion, some of the best art is crafted by weather and climatic conditions. For example, look at this incredible rock formation found in Heimaey, Iceland. This is the Elephant Rock! A work of art, constructed by nature, without any help from humans...

Image Courtesy: Buttersticklover

With around 4,500 residents, Heimaey is the most populated island of the Vestmannaeyjar chain. It is also home to Eldfell, which translates to "Mountain of Fire". This 660 foot high volcano has spewed lava on numerous occasions, leading many to believe it is the cause of the Elephant Rock.

Iceland is a region of frequent volcanic activity, due to its location astride the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, where the North American and Eurasian Plates are moving apart. It is also over the Iceland hotspot, which greatly enhances the overall volcanic activity. This means more of these incredible sculptures could form in the near future!


-Rick DeLuca






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