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Tornado-Like Beam Spinning On The TOP Of A T-Storm?! MUST SEE Video...

This has to be one of the strangest phenomena I have ever seen in my career as a meteorologist. Pilots of an A320 on May 27th captured this video while on the ground at Suvanabhumi Airport in Thailand. If you look at the top of the video, you will see what looks like a strange "tornado-like" phenomena occurring on the top of the t-storm in the distance.




We do have a phenomena called "sprites" that are electrical discharges off the top of t-storms. This phenomena is well documented and here is a picture of what a sprite looks like courtesy of NASA.


Facebook 1 pic


When you look at video of the sprites, you can quick gather that what these pilots captured is not a sprite.





What Is This Tornado-Like Phenomena On The TOP Of The T-Storm?


Honestly, I was looking for lightning discharges to see if this initiated some type of discharge on the top of the storm like a sprite and see nothing. It appears to come and go without any pattern that would give hints. What makes this even more odd is that the "tube" appears to be moving across the top of the t-storm. I have never seen anything like this and I am not sure what we are seeing. I can tell you that this is one of the strangest meteorological videos I have ever seen. At :13, when it appears to spin up, my jaw was on the ground. There is absolutely nothing on the top of a t-storm that would allow a vortex structure to form that I can come up with. A wild video, but a really unusual one too!




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Hey Marc, I did a little google investigating and think I may have found some clues as to what this is a video of: jumping sundogs!
Here is some info from a NASA website:

defensemonkey, I have heard that explanation too. I am not sure I believe that.

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