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Video Of The Day: Turn Water Into Ice Instantly!

Have you ever seen water turn into ice...instantly? This is a perfect experiment to pull off during these sizzling summer months that will be sure to impress. First, here is a quick explanation about how it works. A liquid below its standard freezing point will crystallize in the presence of a seed crystal or nucleus around which a crystal structure can form. Purified water lacks any such nuclei, allowing the liquid phase to be maintained at a much lower temperature. Supercooled water is the secret behind the demonstration in the video below... 


Video Courtesy: Grant Thompson "The King of Random"

Droplets of supercooled water often exist in stratiform and cumulus clouds. Aircraft flying through these clouds seed an abrupt crystallization of these droplets, which can result in the formation of ice on the aircraft's wings or blockage of its instruments and probes, unless the aircraft are equipped with an appropriate de-icing system. Freezing rain is also caused by supercooled droplets.


-Rick DeLuca




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You're so handsome Ricky Deluca. I'll watch the weather anytime you're the one giving it.

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