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Yacht Versus Waterspout! Waterspout Wins & The Video From INSIDE It Is CRAZY! Check It Out...

We all know the beauty and power of waterspouts, but it is really rare to see the violence of these monsters from INSIDE. During the Clipper Round The World Yacht Race, the Great Britian Yacht team was sailing along when a t-storm approached. They thought this would be just another storm at sea and they were unexpectedly hit by a waterspout with winds estimated at 115 mph! Needless to say, the waterspout won! As you watch this amazing video, notice the winds blow the yacht to the right at 0:25 then the waterspout passes and the winds change directly violently in the opposite direction at 0:35 seconds. These guys are lucky to be alive!




You really get a sense of how violently the winds can change direction as the vortex passes whether it is your house or in this case the boat. They go from 115 mph winds in one direction to the exact opposite in about 2 seconds. Just amazing video!




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