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One Year Later: NEW Video Of Deadly Fairdale Tornado...

It’s been just about a year since a deadly tornado touched down in Fairdale, IL. Eleven tornadoes were confirmed across Illinois on April 9th, 2015. Six of the tornadoes across north central Illinois formed from one supercell thunderstorm. This includes the strongest tornado that was a long track EF-4 with maximum winds of 200 mph...

Track Map Overview

Image Credit: NOAA

New video has surfaced that shows the power of the tornado, and also shares a deep, emotional message. The man who shot the video below, Clem Schultz, says he has a very good reason to get this video out there -- he wants it to save lives. Schultz lost his wife of 25 years and his home that day. Convinced the storm would miss his house, Schultz went upstairs to get some lanterns in case the power went out. When he got up there, this is what happened...


Video Courtesy: DixieAlleyMedia

A neighbor came to his rescue when it was all over. The phone he took the video on was discovered by his family a few days later in the rubble of his home. He was too scared to watch it at first, but he hopes that by sharing this video, it will urge people to take action when tornado warnings are issued.





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Whoa! That was scary... Hope there was not much of casualties there...

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