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INSANE HABOOB! Time-Lapse From Phoenix, AZ...

Haboobs can be observed anywhere in the United States, but they are most common in the Southwest. Phoenix, AZ has seen their fair share of them lately and August 21, 2016 was no exception. These dust storms occur as thunderstorms collapse, sending out a line of gusty winds. This downdraft of cold air reaches the ground, blowing dry, loose silt and clay up from the desert. It creates a wall of sediment that can be up to 100 km (62 miles) wide and several kilometers in elevation!

Time Lapses of Massive Dust Storm Over Phoenix, AZ - August 21st, 2016 from Bryan Snider Photography on Vimeo.



Dust Storm Safety Tips

  • If dense dust is observed blowing across or approaching a roadway, pull your vehicle off the pavement as far as possible, stop, turn off lights, set the emergency brake, take your foot off of the brake pedal to be sure the tail lights are not illuminated.
  • Don't enter the dust storm area if you can avoid it.
  • If you can't pull off the roadway, proceed at a speed suitable for visibility, turn on lights and sound horn occasionally. Use the painted center line to help guide you. Look for a safe place to pull off the roadway.
  • Never stop on the traveled portion of the roadway.


-Rick DeLuca




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