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Snow Bursts A Real Concern For Some

From Jude Redfield...

     After a day filled with sun expect clouds to puff up and eventually produce a few snow bursts. These will be brief, but intense snow showers that will be capable of dropping a quick covering where they roam. NOT EVERYONE IS GOING TO SEE THESE SNOW BURSTS.  Central Indiana should see development around 3-4pm. These will race to the southeast into southern Indiana around 5pm.  Please turn your attention to the future radar images below to get an idea of expected coverage and intensity. (radar images below do not show precip type because this color table shows the intensity much better)




    Initially a few of these could be mixed with rain/sleet/snow pellets. Since we will have the dots of bright colors showing up on the radar (pictured above)  it is pretty safe to bet on these isolated squalls causing some hazards.  IF, IF, IF you encounter one of the squalls plan on wind gusts of 30-40 mph and blinding bursts of snow. These wouldn't last more than a few minutes, but could quickly dust up the roads where they occur. I WOULDN'T BE TOTALLY SHOCKED IF A FEW OF THESE PRODUCE A COUPLE LIGHTNING STRIKES IN THE OHIO VALLEY


The most intense bursts will exit to the east after 10pm and become much less numerous.  Scattered flurries and light snow showers are possible through the overnight.


The map above shows where the bursts are most likely and vice versa. Make sure you understand even in locations shaded in blue we don't expect a 100% chance everyone will deal with snow squalls. These are very similar to how pop up showers and storms act in the summer months. Some get hit, some swing and miss. 

    Make sure to follow Katie McGraw and Rick DeLuca this afternoon and evening for a more in depth look at the snow shower potential. They will be able to track them as they pop up across Indiana. -Jude Redfield-


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