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HARVEY BROKE RECORD For The Most Rain Ever From A Tropical System In The US...

It's official! Harvey broke a record for the most rain ever recorded from a tropical system in the United States! This total exceeds the previous record of 48" set during tropical cyclone Amelia in Medina, Texas back in 1978. Ranger Station, Hawaii has logged isolated reports of greater amounts at high elevations from HIKI, but even those numbers are in jeopardy. At last check, Cedar Bayou measured a mind-blowing 51.88" of rain and it's still falling... 


Just to give you an idea of what 50" of rain can do, take a look at this time-lapse video from a garage in Houston. You can see people doing some last-minute prep before the breach Saturday night. It crested around noon on Sunday and finally receded by Monday morning. The high-water mark was at 48.5 feet, keep in mind the garage floor itself is about 2 feet above street level. When you take into account the volume of water unloaded in the United States from a single storm, Harvey has no rival. UNBELIEVABLE! 

Video Credit: RoismanDani



-Rick DeLuca




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