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WAVES OF AURORAS: Time-lapse Of Auroras Borealis Seen From Space...

The European Space Agency released images of the Aurora Borealis shot from the International Space Station. Auroras have been very active lately, in fact, they reached "storm level" on September 26, 2017. When sunspots erupt, we get what is called a cornal mass ejection or CME. These CME events hurl solar matter at high speeds away from the surface of the sun. When the charged particles precipitate into the upper atmosphere due to Earth's magnetic field, they become ionized or excited. It's through this process that particles emit light of varying color and complexity. These brilliant displays of light are called Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights for the Northern Hemisphere. Watch this soothing time-lapse and notice the wave-like structure of the auroras...

Video Credit: Associated Press




-Rick DeLuca




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