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DROUGHT MONITOR: How Much Rain Could Fall This Week?

The month of October began on a nice note with seasonable temperatures and no rain. It hasn't rained in Louisville for 12 days now and we are running an annual deficit of 1.09 inches. While we are not dealing with any serious drought conditions, we could use a good drink of water. Northwest parts of our viewing area including Dubois and Lawrence counties of Indiana are experiencing abnormally dry conditions...  


Here's the thing, if this dry spell continues then the fall colors may be muted this year. The question now becomes, will it rain this week and how much? Rain chances don't return until Friday, and even then they don't look very promising. If you take a look at the image below, you will see rainfall totals over the next 7 days from both the EURO and GFS computer models. They are on the same page showing less than 1" of rain over the next week. If we do happen to get some, our Indiana counties would have the better opportunity as opposed to Kentucky...   


I'll be in for Jeremy tonight on WDRB News at 10 timing out rain chances and letting you know how many days you need to dress for temperatures in the 80's! 



-Rick DeLuca




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I was wondering about the dry spell. Now I know.

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