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High Altitude Crossing of International Space Station

It's been a little while since we've had a good view of the International Space Station and we have a good chance tomorrow morning. While the timing is not ideal, it will be an high altitude passing, so you will be able to catch a glimpse before you start your day!

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Image Courtesy Of NASA


 A High Altitude Crossing Tomorrow Morning

When To Look...

The ISS will be visible once tonight at 7:03 am for 6 minutes and it will be variably cloudy and chilly with temps ranging in the lows in the upper to the 30s. The sun will be up an hour later, after 8 am. 

Where To Look...

At 7:03 am, the ISS will appear about 10 degrees above the horizon in the southwest part of the sky and move toward the northeast. It will set below the horizon in the NE part of the sky about 12 degrees above the horizon. The ISS will reach a peak elevation of 69 degrees above the horizon. So it will in the higher 1/2 of the sky.
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Mother Nature may impact the show. The weather will not be the best, but hopefully the clouds will clear in time for the passing. There will certainly be a few clouds around and they have been slow to clear today. Also be sure to dress warm! 
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What to Look For?

The space station looks like an airplane or a very bright star moving across the sky, except it doesn’t have flashing lights or change direction. It will also be moving considerably faster than a typical airplane (airplanes generally fly at about 600 miles per hour; the space station flies at 17,500 miles per hour). NASA has a great example of what it would look like below...

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 For people viewing with the naked eye, the ISS will appear as a quick moving star going across the sky. It is notorious for moving really fast!

Let us know if you are able to grab any great pictures or spot the ISS! The links to my social media pages are below! 

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