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Snow Flakes on Saturday?

Our second cold front of the week is already dropping temperatures around the area and bringing some heavy rain to the area tonight. 

Image 2

This system starts as light rain for our area with some more moderate rainfall totals mixed in late tonight. Before the rain ends, it's possible many of you will see close to an inch of rain.

As that precipitation falls and temperatures drop overnight, some of the rain will briefly switch over to snow.  Check these images and the time stamps at the top. 

Image 2
Image 2
As temperatures fall to their lowest during the early morning hours, we expect that transition to happen.  Notice low temperatures bottom out in the middle 30s for most, so snow is not a guarantee for all areas. 

Image 2

Since the ground is still so warm, it's unlikely we will see much snow accumulation.  Plus this snow is likely to fall right before daybreak and during the early hours of daylight, so if you sleep in you will likely miss the snow falling. 

Image 2

Areas east of I-65 are most likely to see the snowflakes fall.  Measurable snowfall this early in the season is pretty rare.  The last time we saw more than a trace of snow during the month of October was back in 1993.

Image 2

Marc and Rick will be explaining the snow chances more tonight on WDRB News, so make sure to check in with them! 

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