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Snow In The Forecast...It's The Talk Of The Town

From Jude Redfield...

    This beautiful beginning to our Friday is about to turn to total garbage by days end. Heavy rain and falling temps arrive by evening for the entire region. High school football games will be soaking wet, windy and nasty cold.


    Now let's talk snow! A transition to bursts of wet snow will occur after 1 am.  If the snow does happen most of us will be asleep and never see it. However, a few bursts could cover up grassy surfaces, car tops, roof tops etc. This could be on the ground at sunrise making for a photo op. Please share your photos if you get the accumulation. No snow accumulation is expected on pavement, but roads will be soaking wet from the heavy rain allowing for quite a bit of ponding.


    Follow future radar images below to get an idea of how the rain to snow transition should occur.

White brick 2



Irma 2

    Again, slushy wet snow accumulation is possibly in the heavier bursts.  If you're up early in the morning and have some snow let the weather team know about it. We'd love to see those photos. -Jude Redfield-


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