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The Power Of The Persimmon Seed: What Are They Are Saying About The Upcoming Winter Season?

"When cut into two pieces, the persimmon seed will display one of three symbols. A knife shape will indicate a cold icy winter (where wind will cut through you like a knife). A fork shape indicates a mild winter. A spoon shape stands for a shovel to dig out the snow."

Tracy Mount
Image Courtesy: Tracy Mount

For the last 5 years (including now), we have seen spoons (and some knives) when cutting open persimmon seeds.  That proved an accurate prediction a few years, but not every year. This year we are seeing all spoons. 

Tasha Masters
Image Courtesy: Tasha Masters
Tasha Masters
Image Courtesy: Justin Case
Tasha Masters
Image Courtesy: Debree Underwood
Tasha Masters
Image Credit: Janet Goodman
Tasha Masters
Image Credit: Brooklyn LaPlant
Tasha Masters
Image Credit: Diana Evans
Tasha Masters
Image Credit: Ron Line

My Thoughts

According to legend, this should be a snowy year since we are seeing spoons inside the seeds.  You can click here to see our official winter outlook, but I think this persimmon prediction is half right. I think we will see a wet winter, but not specifically a snowy winter.  I actually think we will see pretty normal snow amounts (10-15 inches this season), but likely more rain than normal especially early in the season. The coldest air and best snow chances won't come until later this winter. 

I couldn't find a ton of research on how accurate persimmon seeds are in general for predicting winter weather, but they seem to be right about half the time.  Share your pictures of seeds and your winter prediction with me to see if you can beat the seeds! 

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