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From Frost to 80s!

A Frost Advisory goes into effect for much of the area tonight through 9 AM Sunday.  Jackson, Jennings, and Lawrence counties are included in a Freeze Warning as temperatures fall into the middle and lower 30s by morning. 

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In fact cooler air is streaming into the area.  Sunday the wind will stay out of the north, so it will continue to bring this cooler air to us.  That means temperatures don't start to climb until Monday. 

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Monday the wind shifts to come more out of the west which will allow warmer air to move in!  By Monday high temperatures will climb to the mid-70s, which is where they are supposed to be this time of year. 

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That change to our flow pattern will allow temperatures to climb into the 80s by Tuesday! It won't just be one day, either.  Humidity creeps into the forecast as we get closer to the middle of the week. 

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The news at 10 tonight will be on WBKI, so turn over there to see how long these 80s last! We will talk about the extended forecast too, including the Derby and events leading up to it. 

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